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Mac Cleaner Free

The days are over that Mac OS users are safe from malware, adware and viruses. Computer criminals are finding more ways to infect and jeopardize mac computers. Of course this is nothing compared to your average windows computer, but you can't ignore this any more.

Malware for the Mac has been around for ages, but only recently this became a hot topic. The number of Mac cleaners is still relatively low. If you need more information regarding malware scanners, vistit Mac Malware Scanner.

But malware isn't the primary reason to get a Mac cleaner.

Why Clean your mac?

Over the years, your mac will collect all kinds of files and folders which are not used anymore by the system. These files are called orphaned files. After a while these files will pile up to a considerable amount. The main chunk of these files will be temporary files created by your browser or installation programs. Good to have once, but not useful anymore. Your system can't throw these away, since it doesn't have a clue these files exist and aren't necessary anymore. And in comes the Mac Cleaner, cleaning your computer from these unwanted files.

Not only are these file unneccesary, they can clog your system and slow down your whole mac.
Currently the market is being dominated by a couple of companies:

Mac Cleaner
Being around for a while, this product mainly focuses on cleaning up junk and clutter that has settled itself on your system freeing up valuable space on your hard drive. Not only will it create additional space, cleaning your mac will also boost it speed. If you haven't done this for a while you'll certainly notice the difference. Mac Cleaner isn't really usable when it comes to malware and other malignant software. For this you should look elsewhere

Well known amongst windows users as one of the best tools to clean your computer, it not only gets rid of unused files, but it also scans for malignant software, viruses and trojans. Running this tool is highly recommended when you experience strange problems with your mac like responsive issues, strange notifications or long start up times. The list of features is promising, but windows users might be a bit disappointed, since the mac version isn't as complete and comprehensive. Works on all recent OS X Version

Like Mac Cleaner Free and CCleaner this program gives your mac a proper cleaning. With a lot of good user reviews this piece of software comes highly recommended. CleanMyMac is also recommended for advanced users, since it has a high level of customization options. But this doesn't mean it's not suitable for novice users. The standard settings make it work right of the bat without too much configuration.

Primarily an Antivirus tool, iAntivirus is meant to keep your Mac free from viruses, not really a cleaning tool, but still worth mentioning since Viruses for Mac are appearing more and more nowadays.

A general tip to find the latest version of an application, or the highest rating application, just search for Mac Cleaner Free in the Apple mac store, it will show you a list of mac cleaners, sorted by price, popularity or rating. This way you'll know for sure you have the right application for your needs.

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